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BCM Ventures Programs and Packages


Find information on programs designed to develop your commercial pathway with an industry partner, as well as partnering with BCM Ventures on packaged technologies that are available for licensing.

Commercial Drug Discovery Program

The BCM Ventures team has established relationships with leading industry players who are interested in funding the development of commercial drug discovery and seeking the next innovative target to take forward. This represents the opportunity to explore and leverage Baylor’s scientific expertise in genetics and chemistry to drive novel therapeutic treatments for patients. Learn about our Commercial Drug Discovery Program.

Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors for Use in Multiple Cancers

Potent, selective, small molecule inhibitors of steroid receptor co-activators (SRC) can be developed into potential therapeutics for different types of cancers. Our proprietary SI-12 compound is simpler and less costly to manufacture, distribute, store, and administer to patients. Learn more.