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CAMS Student Portal Update – Preferred name and gender pronouns: An update to the Baylor CAMS Student Portal allows student learners to change their preferred first name and middle name, in addition, students can change their gender identify and gender pronouns.

The preferred name change will be represented on an individual's Outlook email name and in the "Find a Person" search directory. The preferred name change will not update their official name with the College. Students need to complete the official name change process through the Office of the Registrar to update the official name. Schools and programs will receive reports related to your preferred pronoun and gender identity.

Academic IT has resources available to guide students through these updates: 

Voluntary Demographics on Success Factors: SuccessFactors users can now select several new demographic options, including their preferred pronoun, gender identity, and sexual orientation, along with enhanced disability categories. This is completely optional, and only the pronoun information will be viewable by all; the others only will be accessible by the employee and Human Resources. Read more about this on the Community Engagement and Health Equity website.

Questions? Email the Office of Community Engagement & Health Equity at institutionaldiversity@bcm.edu.