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Business Services


Have an idea for a project, need a report, or a business solution but not sure where to start? BIG provides business services across Baylor.

The BIG is staffed by experienced project managers and analysts who are tailoring and applying best practices and tools across Baylor. The BIG provides a variety of business services including:

Project Management Services

 Managing selected projects 
 Providing and continually enhancing project management guidelines and tools 
 Engaging project managers across BCM to adopt project management best practices

Performance Measurement Services

 Producing selected dashboards
 Provide reporting guidelines, tools, and templates
 Evaluate business metrics and provide recommendations for future projects
 Engage data stewards across BCM to adopt big data best practices

Business Solutions Services

 Build and implement business solutions
 Assist to determine resource requirements and identify resources with appropriate skill sets to complete project

Work is prioritized and selected based on capacity and business needs. Once a service is prioritized, the BIG provides services in varying capacities from consulting all the way to full performance improvements.

Service levels are as follows:

Consulting: BIG provides education and tools only, customer is primary driver

Accountability: BIG provides education and tools and is responsible for project reporting, customer is primary driver

Expertise: BIG provides expertise in project management and lean six sigma by providing expertise on all deliverables, customer is responsible for creating deliverables and sponsoring change

Full Performance Improvement: BIG is the primary driver of change utilizing full array of performance improvement services, customer is responsible for sponsoring change and decision making.

You can leave feedback if you have already embarked on a process improvement.

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