Department of Family and Community Medicine

Environmental Health Exposure Resources


If you are concerned about possible environmental exposures, one of the government agencies below may be able to investigate and remedy your concerns.

City of Houston, Department of Health and Human Services | DHHS Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention

General information: BPCP conducts environmental monitoring, surveillance, investigations, enforcement, and other activities.

Environmental complaints: Report environmental violations to BPCP such as sewer overflow, illegal dumping, chemical spills and flaring or smoke during business hours by calling 311, (713) 837-0311 or by visiting Houston's non-emergency service request site. If you need to make an environmental complaint after business hours, call (832) 393-5730.

DHHS Bureau of Community and Children's Environmental Health

Lead poisoning prevention: Houston's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program provides blood lead testing for children age six and under, as well as environmental investigation and case follow-up for children with elevated blood lead levels. For additional information, call (832) 393-5157.

Indoor air quality: The bureau offers a range of educational material on indoor air quality, from a list of indoor air consultants in Houston (compiled by the Texas Department of Health) to advice on clearing your home of asthma triggers (from U.S. EPA.)

Lead-based hazard control: The Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program provides no-cost inspections and lead remediation for those that qualify (low-income families that have at least one child age six or younger with elevated blood lead levels). For more information, call (832) 393-5141.

Smoking: BCCEH enforces the city's no-smoking ordinance. If you have a smoking complaint, fill out a complaint form or call (832) 393-5750.

DHHS Bureau of Consumer Health

Food safety: This bureau provides information related to food safety, including restaurant inspections.

City of Houston, Public Works and Engineering Department

Drinking water quality: Public drinking water quality reports (also called Consumer Confidence Reports) are published yearly by the Public Utilities Department. If you have additional questions about water supplied by the city of Houston, call Public Works and Engineering at (713) 842-4000.

Water testing: The City of Houston Water & Dairy Microbiology Lab accepts and tests well water samples for coliform bacteria. For more information, see the city's well water information flyer or call (832) 393-3939.

Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services | HCPHES Environmental Public Health Division

Environmental complaints: The Environmental Public Health Division handles a variety of environmental health-related complaints. You can file nuisance complaint form to address neighborhood nuisances such as accumulated trash or conditions that harbor insects and rodents. You can also file an environmental complaint by calling (713) 274-6300.

Lead hazard control: The Lead Hazard Control Program provides free lead inspections and lead-safe renovation for income-eligible homeowners and rental property owners for pre-1978 housing. Call (713) 274-6374 for more information.

Water quality and testing: For any water-related complaints or questions (such as public water supply problems or water-borne illness), call (713) 274-6300 or report an issue.

HCPHES Mosquito Control Division

Mosquito activity and treatment: This division provides information about county treatment plans and current mosquito-borne disease activity. If you find a dead bird, you can report it or submit it for testing by filling out a form, or calling the HCPHES Mosquito Control Dead Bird Hotline at (713) 440-3036.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Air quality: TCEQ publishes current and forecasted air quality conditions in Texas metropolitan areas. The agency also provides ozone warnings when levels measured in the previous hour are considered unhealthy.

Environmental complaints: TCEQ can help you with a variety of issues, including problems with your drinking water or possible land contamination. You can make an environmental complaint or call 1-888-777-3186 for more information.

Regional office: TCEQ Region 12 (Houston) can be reached at (713) 767-3500. General air questions should be directed to (713) 767-3714.

Report an emergency: To report an environmental emergency, spill or air release, call the State of Texas Spill-Reporting Hotline at 1-800-832-8224.

Smoking vehicle: If you see a vehicle that smokes excessively, call 1-800-453-SMOG (7664).

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

AirNow provides a real-time air quality map so you can check your local air quality.