Department of Medicine

Graduate Students


Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology research faculty provide outstanding opportunities for graduate students to conduct thesis work focusing on immunology, inflammation and cell biology and attract students from diverse graduate programs at Baylor.

Recent graduates:

Valentine Ongeri Millien, Ph.D.

Tianshu Yang, Ph.D.

J. Morgan Knight, Ph.D.

Seung-Hyo Lee, Ph.D.

Graduate student programs

Immunology, Translational Biology and Molecular Medicine, Medical Student Training Program

Selected publications:

Millien VO, Lu W, Shaw J, Yuan X, Mak G, Roberts L, Song L-Z, Knight JM, Creighton CJ, Luong A, Kheradmand F, Corry DB. Cleavage of Fibrinogen by Proteinases Elicits Allergic Responses Through Toll-Like Receptor 4. Science 2013; 341:792-796.

Yang T, Ramocki MB, Neul JL, Lu W, Roberts L, Knight JM, Ward CS, Zoghbi HY, Kheradmand F, Corry DB. Overexpression of Methyl-CpG Binding Protein 2 Impairs Th1 Responses and Causes Immunodeficiency. Sci Trans Med 2012; 4(163):163ra158.

Knight JM, Lee S-H, Roberts L, Smith CW, Weiss ST, Kheradmand F, Corry DB. CD11a Polymorphisms Regulate TH2 cell Homing and TH2-Related Disease. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2014.133:189-197.e8.

Lee S-H, Prince J, Rais M, Kheradmand F, Shardonofsky F, Lu H, Smith CY, Beaudet AL, Soong L, Corry DB. Differential Requirement for CD18 in T Effector Homing. Nat Med 2003. 9: 1281-1286.