Department of Medicine

Harris Health (Ben Taub)


Exposure at Harris Health (Ben Taub)


If exposed, immediately wash the area. For eye or mucus membrane exposures, use waters. For others, use a soap to wash wound.

Arrange for source testing through a unit nurse or clerk. This entails the use of a "downtime" slip to order the testing panel for blood borne pathogen exposures.

Typically, a rapid HIV test is done and the result is completed within two hours.

Complete an incident report. This is found on the HHS intranet within E-Incident Reporting.

Check with the emergency center for the source result. They may check you in as a patient (this creates a patient record and incurs a charge as it would any other patient.)

If PEP medication is needed, it can be prescribed by the emergency center.

Contact Baylor OHP at 713-798-7880 the next business day.

Baylor OHP can do your baseline testing the next business day and arrange required follow up testing.