School of Medicine

Class of 2026 FAQ


Do I have to attend orientation?
Yes. Attendance is MANDATORY. The information acquired at orientation is essential for a successful start in medical school.

How do I get to orientation the first morning (Friday, July 22)?
We suggest that you park (if driving) in Garage #4 or #6. Your parking cost will be $12. Baylor does not validate parking. If possible, you may want to be dropped off at Baylor or car pool should you know any of your classmates. 

All students must enter Baylor through the Alkek building entrance.If you choose to drive in, the closest garage parking is Garage 4. Cost of parking, per day, in the garage is $12.

How should I dress for the “at Baylor” part of orientation?
Casual (but not too casual) dress is suggested. Digital images are taken for ID badges, etc., so you should look presentable. You may also meet various faculty and administrators at this time.

Do I have to bring anything for the “at Baylor” part of orientation?
No. We will provide all that you will need. We recommend that you bring a backpack/tote bag for the materials you receive during orientation.


Can I get my email account prior to my enrollment at Baylor?
Can I access intranet resources prior to my enrollment at Baylor?
You will be receiving your email account in late June, which will enable you to complete very important compliance requirements, as well as give you access to resources, which are login/password protected.

Can I join the Wellness Center prior to my enrollment at Baylor? 
Can I get my student discounted METRO Q Card prior to my enrollment at Baylor? 
No. You must be “officially” enrolled as a Baylor student.

How do I get proof of my enrollment at Baylor?
That can be done after classes start. Stop by the Office of the Registrar and complete the “How May I Help?” form. The certification will be mailed within 24/48 hours.

How do I register for classes? 
Registration is automatic. All students take the same Foundational Science curriculum.

How can I make sure you have my final college transcript? 
Your permanent record is maintained by the Office of the Registrar - DeBakey Building, M-210, so you can check with the records room.

How do I establish Texas residency (for tuition purposes)?  
Please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for information on converting to a Texas state resident.


What area close to the Texas Medical Center do most students live in?
A large number of students and health care providers live in the various areas surrounding the Texas Medical Center. These are of several condominium/apartment communities where you can purchase a condo or rent a condo/apartment.

Does Baylor own/manage a housing facility?