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Student Interest Group in Neurology


The Student Interest Group in Neurology is a chapter of the American Academy of Neurology, whose purpose is to increase knowledge and foster interest in Neurology by providing opportunities to participate in clinical, research, and service activities in Neurology.

SIGN offers research and shadowing opportunities, mentorship including a residency workshop, and regular talks on various topics in Neurology. Within the larger Baylor College of Medicine community, SIGN aims to provide a venue for medical students to interact with faculty members and residents through social and educational events to develop valuable contacts and relationships that will help support students’ educational goals.

SIGN also provides free AAN/ANA membership, free registration to the AAN Annual Meeting, and various scholarship opportunities.




Neurology Residency and Fellowship


Residency in Neurology requires a preliminary training year in Internal Medicine, followed by a three-year residency in Neurology.


Other Resources


American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Membership: AAN membership is free for medical students. If you are not already, become a member to enjoy member benefits!

American Neurological Association Medical Student Membership: ANA membership is free for medical students!

Medical Student Resources: Tips on applying for Neurology residency, careers in Neurology, and awards/scholarships for medical students.

Awards and Scholarships: Apply for AAN Awards and scholarships for medical students, including:

° Medical Student Summer Research Scholarship: available to United States and Canadian SIGN members as a $3,000 award to conduct summer research.
° Medical Student Scholarship to the Annual Meeting: available to United States and Canadian SIGN medical students who are SIGN chapter members to attend the April AAN Conference.