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Pathobiology Of Gulf War Illness Study (H-40948)



Glutamate Receptor and Kynurenine Pathway Functioning in the Pathobiology of Gulf War Illness

The primary objective of this proposal is to test neuroinflammatory pathways in a well-characterized group of Gulf War veterans with and without Gulf War Illness. The aim is to determine possible differences in quinolinic acid, kynurenic acid, select inflammatory cytokines, and reactive oxygen species in CSF, and associate those biomarkers with GWI symptoms.

1991 Gulf War Veterans! This ongoing research study will test for differences in immune system functioning of the brain in Veterans who became ill during or after the 1991 Gulf War and Veterans who did not become ill after that war. For the two-day study you will have to fill out questionnaires and have a sample of cerebrospinal fluid taken.

The study will be done at the VA Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. If eligible, participants will receive compensation. All inquiries are confidential.


Study Team

Phone 1: 713–689–9856

IRB: H-40948




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