Healthcare: Dermatology

Vein Therapy


There are two ways to remove unwanted veins in the skin: injection and laser. Injection is still the gold standard for leg veins and usually the first choice. Laser is a great alternative in patients who fail injection, fear needles or in areas untreatable by injection. Lasers are the first choice for facial blood vessels. We treat only superficial veins. Varicose veins are not treated.

Injection is also known as sclerotherapy. A very fine needle is used to introduce saltwater into the vein. The saltwater damages the vein leading to its removal. One injection may treat multiple branches of the same vein. Some patients report a crampy or stinging sensation. Insurance does not cover sclerotherapy injection.

Lasers heat the vein, thereby destroying the unwanted vessel. We have several options, depending on the type of vein. Results are excellent, but not every vein may respond. Insurance does not cover laser treatment.