Lipidomics Protocol


Global Lipid Profiling including representation from over 10 lipid classes. Preparation of Lipids from cultured cells, tissues or plasma via a modified Bligh-Dyer extraction, followed by LC-MS separation on a modified reversed phase column in a 15 min cycle. Internal standard are included for each lipid class measured for normalization and quality control purposed.

If it is cancer related project where the project will be finished under CPRIT Funded core, please fill the Request for Project (RFP).

For more information, please contact the core directors, if you have questions not answered here, or to discuss details.

Container: 1.5mL Micro Tube or equivalent

Normal Volume: Plasma (100 μL) Tissue (50 mg); Cell (5 millions).

Minimal Volume: Plasma (50 μL) Tissue (20 mg); Cells (3 millions)

Sample Collection: Please see our detailed sample collection protocol on the Baylor Metabolomics core website before preparing samples for analysis or contact the core director at the number below for details.