Viral Vector Production Core


Service and Expertise


In vivo and in vitro viral vector-mediated gene expression

The Core produces popular viral vectors for nonhuman research purpose. The Core has experiences with adenoviral vectors (Ad), adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV), lentiviral vector (LV) and retroviral vectors (RV). However, we currently produce first generation Ad, helper-dependent Ad (HDAd), AAV and LV. We also amplify Ad vectors from viral stocks. The Core provides basic shuttle vectors and expression cassettes. This includes shRNA shuttle vectors for Ad and LV. The customers are required to submit their shuttle vectors ready for transfection or viral stock. In unusual circumstances, the Core assists investigators in cloning into shuttle vectors. Ad vectors are purified over discontinuous CsCl ultracentrifugation. AAV vectors are purified over iodixanol density gradient and are concentrated. LV vectors are concentrated by spin column or by ultracentrifugation. There is no single vector fit for all purposes. The Core personnel are familiar with various viral vector systems and is able to advise the system to fit your need. In addition, we assist investigators to obtain approval for the use of viral vectors in vitro and in vivo.

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