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Study Methods


Dr. Phillips' Study M.O. (modus operandi)


1. Read your assignments before class.

2. Sit up close and take good notes.

3. Summarize your notes the day of the class, as soon as possible after the class, but definitely before you retire for the night. Be certain to have every point that the lecturer emphasized, and if you missed something, get it before you finalize the summary sheet that day - go to the faculty person, a colleague, the text or syllabus, so that everything that was stressed in the lecture is recorded.

4. Before the next session of this class, in addition to reading the assignments, review the summary sheet from the previous class, and at the end of the week review all of the summary sheets for the week, likewise after two weeks, and continue until you have the exam for that chapter or block. Students that study this way find that they not only know their material better, but they spend less time studying.

5. Study seven days a week, unless you have a 4.0. The Lord has assured me that it is not a sin to study on Sunday.

Next: TEAM STUDY! I do not mean a "mob" of people, but one or perhaps two others, who are serious, focused, and dedicated to being successful. Team study from the start of the semester, not just the week of the exam. Team study in ALL of your courses!