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Website Requirements


All Baylor College of Medicine websites including departments, centers, programs, core/faculty labs and student organizations are to be built on the enterprise security protected servers. All sites must be built and maintained in the College’s content management system.

Custom site designs, external site building tools and external hosting of Baylor content is not allowed. (The following are examples of tools that are not allowed: WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, GoDaddy Web Builder, etc.)

These mandates have been put in place for the following reasons:

Legal Compliance

Per the Baylor Office of Compliance and Risk Management, all web pages are to be reviewed for legal review and adherence to established guidelines and copyright violations by a central team before pages go live. This team watches for violations to protect the College from fines that may be imposed by other organizations, photographers and journals.

Central Administration Access

A central website team needs access to be able to edit pages 24/7 if necessary.


The Baylor servers are protected with enterprise-level security. The content on them belongs to solely Baylor. Sites hosted elsewhere on third-party sites do not have the same level of security and the College content being hosted elsewhere is not allowed.

Cost Savings

The website system and site hosting is offered at no cost to departments, centers, schools and core/faculty labs.

Website Updates and New Site Creation

All Baylor College of Medicine websites are updated centrally by the Communications & Community Outreach - Web Development Team. This service is provided at no cost to all departments, centers, labs, clinics and education programs. A request form is available to make submit a website request. 


Per the Baylor marketing department, having all sites in a cohesive design all tied together strengthens the Baylor brand and presence.


We currently have over 750 sites built in the College content management system. All being in one system and allow all pages to be access and interlinked through one site. A consistent design assists the end user with searching and usability across all of these College sites.

Baylor-Owned Content

All research, education and healthcare content (text, images, documents and videos) are copywritten and owned by the College. This content cannot be placed on an external site without permission.

HR Job Posting Policy

It is Baylor Human Resource policy that all job postings link to the Baylor Jobs website. Department/Center faculty and lab primary investigators cannot post website text or flyer documents that ask the applicant to send a resume, CV or references directly to them for filtering of candidates. The applicants' first contact must be through an application on the Baylor Jobs site via a posting for the position. The centralized web review team also watches for compliance to this policy.

All external recruitment ads must contain the following: "Baylor College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Equal Access Employer.“