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Baylor College of Medicine has two LinkedIn profiles, a company page and an education page. Departments, centers, programs or any entity interested in maintaining a LinkedIn presence can request a LinkedIn group. Learn more about LinkedIn Groups.

To request a group or learn more about LinkedIn groups, please email Anna Kiappes.




To request an Instagram profile, please email Anna Kiappes, and she will follow up with your group regarding next steps.

While managing an Instagram profile for Baylor College of Medicine, please consider the following:

  • Before a social media account application is considered for approval, prospective social media account managers and administrators will need to send an Instagram story board (Baylor login required) per week to Institutional Web Management for three weeks. This will include content that is relevant to the department, center or group. All nine drafted posts cannot be sent at one time.
  • Post at least one post per week. Make sure the content is relevant and appropriate for your audience, complies with Baylor policies, and is engaging for users.
  • No photos of actual procedures or patients may be used.
  • All Baylor social media pages should include a link to the BCM website.

Baylor College of Medicine on YouTube


Public videos affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine are posted on the College’s official YouTube channel. Videos posted to the official channel must meet the following guidelines:

  • Video Format: H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 preferred
  • Aspect Ratio: Native aspect ratio without letterboxing (examples: 4:3, 16:9)
  • Resolution: 640x360 (16:9) or 480x360 (4:3) recommended
  • Audio Format: MP3 or AAC preferred
  • Frames per second: 30 Maximum length: no more than 10 minutes (two to three minutes ideal)
  • Maximum file size: 1 GB
  • Copyrighted music and content cannot be used in videos posted on YouTube. Ripping music from a CD you've purchased or paying for iTunes downloads does not include copyright rights. They cannot be used in a YouTube video to be included on the Baylor channel. If you are looking for free music to use to enhance your video explore YouTube Audio Library.
  • Videos must include the current Baylor logo (Baylor login required) at the beginning and end of the video. If you need the video file, email Institutional Web Development.

To have a video posted, submit it to pa-webteam@bcm.edu. The Institutional Web Development team reviews all videos and requires approval to be added to the YouTube channel.

Videos overly self-promotional in nature, including but not limited to infomercial-type videos, will not be approved because they put the bcm.edu domain at risk of violating YouTube Terms of Service.

Short videos, like quick research videos needed for grants, and videos not intended for the public, like lectures, can be uploaded as unlisted videos on the College's YouTube channel. Unlisted YouTube videos are not publicly listed on the Baylor College of Medicine YouTube channel and are accessible through a link.

Use these guidelines for requests to post public and unlisted videos.

Questions about public videos, unlisted videos or making videos private? Contact Institutional Web Management.




As part of our online and marketing strategy, Baylor maintains one Wikipedia entry. Departments, sections, centers and other at Baylor can submit information to be included in the entry. To submit information, email Lori Williams.