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Social Media FAQs


I want to create a Facebook page. What do I do?
Please read the BCM Facebook guidelines. Then, fill out the BCM Facebook Page Request Form.

I want to create a Twitter handle. What do I do?
Please read the BCM Twitter guidelines. Then, fill out the Twitter Request Form.

I have videos I want to share online or on social media. What do I do?

Baylor College of Medicine has only one authorized YouTube account. Any video you would like placed on an official College web site must be uploaded to the College's YouTube account. Please read the video policy.

If I create a Facebook page or Twitter handle, who manages it?
Once all of the information for a Facebook page or Twitter handle is provided to Institutional Web Management, the Web Management team will set up the Facebook page or Twitter handle and make the designated person the administrator of the page. Once created, pages are managed and monitored by designated administrators.

Are there any costs associated with creating a Facebook page or Twitter handle?
No, there are no costs associated with creating a Facebook page or promoting clinical studies on other social media sites.

Why do I need to have a personal Facebook account in order to manage a BCM Facebook account?
Facebook is based on personal accounts, and notices from Facebook will be sent to designated admins’ Facebook page. Users who “like” your BCM Facebook page will not see any content related to your personal Facebook. However, please be very careful that when posting something on Facebook, you choose to post to the correct account.

I want to promote my clinical study, but I do not want to manage my own Facebook page. Where can I find other, health-related social media sites?
It depends on what kind of study you are promoting. For example, if you would like to promote a study on cancer, search through Facebook for what kinds of sites are related to cancer. You can choose to message a specific group through Facebook or post on their timeline.

You could also choose to find organizations that have to do with your topic of interest or clinical research at large, such as Research Match.

What social media sites does BCM already have?
Visit our social media directory.

Why do I have to submit posts before receiving approval for a Facebook or Twitter account?

Trial posts are requested to prove the account will have a steady volume of content as well as show the administrators have a firm understanding of creating unique and timely posts.

I want to create a personal account on Twitter. Are there any protocols that I need to follow?
Yes, we ask that you read and are familiar with our social media policies.