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COVID-19 Research


COVID-19 National Research Reviews

Researchers around the world are working every day to learn more about COVID-19. Faculty members in the Department of Medicine’s Section of Infectious Diseases providing a weekly newsletter that summarizes the newest published and pre-print research, addressing what’s new and why it matters. 

Current Baylor COVID-19 Research Projects

The Office of Research, adhering to strict guidelines and with respect of funding sources and personnel, is open and here to help everyone in the Baylor research community. During this period of restricted access to the College, we are allowing a limited, prioritized amount of COVID-19-related research. Team members from the Office of Clinical Research, Human Research Protections, Baylor Licensing Group and Sponsored Programs are communicating daily to review proposed projects, prioritize them, and provide clinical coordination and regulatory guidance as needed.

We will keep you abreast of current Baylor projects.