Department of Family and Community Medicine

Intermediate Course: Training in Analysis of Continuous and Categorical Outcome Data


Course Information


This course will focus on providing hands-on competency with respect to the most common statistical procedures used to analyze continuous and categorical outcome data. At the end of the course, participants will be able to perform independently and interpret results of the following statistical procedures using SAS software: 

• Multiple Linear Regression
• Multiple Logistic Regression
• Poisson Regression
• Negative Binomial Regression
• Log-Binomial Regression

This course uniquely provides participants with a simulated dataset that includes variables related to medical research. All analyses will be conducted in SAS.

Pre-requisites: Although not necessary, it is highly recommended that individuals interested in this course have taken our Beginner’s course OR have previous familiarity with basic statistical concepts. However, our team is equipped to provide you with as much guidance as needed with respect to using statistical software to analyze your data. 

Dates and Time: TBD

Courses will be only offered through ZOOM video conferencing. Once registration and payment are received, participants will receive a ZOOM meeting invitation to join the scheduled class.