Department of Family and Community Medicine

Online Lectures: Fundamentals of Clinical Research Methods-Study Designs


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This is an online preliminary beginners course for anyone interested in acquiring fundamental knowledge about clinical research methods as well as skills in calculating basic statistical measures commonly utilized in clinical research. There is no previous experience required, and although all the illustrative examples and exercises bear clinical perspectives, they are easily understood.

*Please note that these video modules are available/accessible online and can be completed at your own pace.

This online module contains information on:

  • Measures of Frequency
  • Measures of Association
  • Introduction to Regression Analysis
  • Introduction to Study Designs
  • Case Reports/Case Series
  • Cross-Sectional Study Designs
  • Ecological Study Designs
  • Case-Control Study Designs
  • Cohort Study Designs
  • Experimental Study Design, Part I
  • Experimental Study Design, Part II

It is expected that completion of all the eleven modules will empower the course participant to:

  • Read and understand how clinical research is conducted
  • Experience significant improvement in the course participant’s level of statistical literacy as applied to clinical research
  • Improve considerably the course participant’s understanding and appraisal of the clinical research literature

Online Course Fee: $200
Once payment is received, you will obtain further information regarding how to access the online lectures.

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