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Winifred J. Hamilton, Ph.D., S.M., Director, Environmental Health Service

In October 2001, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine hosted a regional town meeting to discuss the environmental health issues facing the Houston area, along with possible solutions. From this meeting, the vision and rationale for the Environmental Health Service emerged.

Since that beginning, the EHS has successfully worked with area leaders and has engaged physicians, students, researchers, nurses and other health care professionals in the Texas Medical Center (TMC) and throughout the region to address environmental health issues more fully.

Working in cooperation with partners at other TMC member institutions and local government agencies, the Environmental Health Service is rapidly expanding its capacity to address the environmental health needs of the Gulf Coast region. We look forward to working with you!


Winifred J. Hamilton, Ph.D., S.M.
Director, Environmental Health Service
Associate Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine