Department of Medicine

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity in Action (IDEA) Committee


The Department of Medicine IDEA Committee is a subset of the Vice Chair Group for Faculty and Staff Development. Chaired by Dr. Maureen Kimani and working to complement, and as a liaison with, the Baylor College of Medicine Office of Community Engagement & Health Equity, the group’s goal is to implement actions that further steps toward a more diverse, inclusive and equitable working environment for all in the Department of Medicine. 

The IDEA Committee achieves these goals through the following objectives and associated action steps: 

Increase Diversity in our Workforce (Including Trainees)

  • Develop proactive, data-driven strategies to recruit under-represented minority candidates for positions as residents, fellows, faculty, and administrative team members.
  • Establish mentoring programs across the department to improve retention of current workforce.
  • Enhance relationships with BCM organizations such as the Student National Medical Association and Latino Medical Student Association chapters.

Educate our Department Members

  • Disseminate educational resources currently available (e.g. implicit bias training courses).
  • Develop innovative educational programming to enhance awareness of systemic racism and strategies to address it.
  • Incorporate diversity/health equity topics into current curricular programming (including DOM Grand Rounds, Intern boot camp, and Wednesday school).

Conduct Equity Research

  • Assess and catalog current research being conducted within the DOM that involves the study of health disparities/health inequities.
  • Support multi-disciplinary collaborations to investigate strategies to eliminate health inequities.

Engage with Community

  • Collaborate with the BCM Office of Community Engagement & Health Equity in community outreach activities.
  • Foster liaisons with local organizations and institutions that share a commitment to end structural racism and promote diverse, inclusive communities.

The department’s IDEA Committee has made significant accomplishments since its inception in 2020. The group participates in Baylor’s Office of Community Engagement & Health Equity groups and events to increase awareness about this important work. DOM members of the Inclusion and Equity Ambassadors group support their academic/administrative unit leader with diversity, equity and inclusion goals and efforts, including strategic planning, assessment and programs; members are:

  • Dr. Samaya Anumudu
  • Dr. Edgardo Ordonez
  • Dr. Elisha Acosta

DOM members of the Inclusion and Excellence Council support Baylor’s institutional diversity and inclusion goals and serve in an advisory capacity to the Associate Provost of the Office of Community Engagement & Health Equity; members are:

  • Dr. Jose Perez
  • Isabel Valdez, PA
  • Dr. Fidaa Shaib
  • Ex Offico members
    • Dr. Josh Muniz (Resident)
    • Kimberly Langlois (Research Assistant)

The group also has:

  • Communicated its call-to-action to the department 
  • Held monthly meetings
  • Urged faculty and staff to participate in Baylor’s Crucial Conversations Sessions
  • Participated in Baylor’s DEI Diversity Showcase to highlight the IDEA Committee’s work 
  • Developed an IDEA Grand Round series focused on DEI topics, inviting nationally renowned speakers to engage with Baylor faculty and staff in safe and transparent discussions
  • Hosted two virtual open houses for resident recruitment
  • Leveraged UiM faculty to participate in applicant screening and interview processes
  • Assigned faculty and administrative leaders to oversee a holistic review process for faculty recruitment
  • Conducted an analysis of faculty rank distributions and duration spent in positions to address promotion process gaps
  • Held chair-led discussions at leadership meetings to raise awareness of section-specific diversity data and gaps

Committee Members