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In addition to patient outcomes, process mapping, and educational research being performed in our clinical programs, scientists in the Institute for Voice and Swallowing Laboratory are also committed to a strong foundation in basic science research.

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Laryngeal Ultrasound


Dr. Julina Ongkasuwan, who has a joint appointment with Texas Children’s Hospital, is pioneering the use of laryngeal ultrasound (LUS) in both the pediatric and adult populations. With grant funding from the Thrasher Research Fund, she established the imaging criteria and demonstrated vocal fold immobility in neonates after congenital heart surgery. This promises to become a reliable diagnostic tool beyond flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy in high risk populations.

Receiving grant funding from the Texas Children’s Hospital Department of Surgery, Dr. Ongkasuwan is also exploring the use of LUS for the identification of vocal fold nodules. While the diagnosis is typically via laryngeal stroboscopy, LUS may be used to further characterize vocal fold lesions.




The Institute for Voice and Swallowing is a group of interdisciplinary programs and clinical centers that evaluates and treats problems with the voice, swallowing, airway and chronic cough. Visit the Institute for Voice and Swallowing healthcare website for more patient information.

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