Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Postdoctoral Association Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement


The BCM PDA provides an environment that fosters professional advancement through programming, support services, and networking opportunities for all postdoctoral fellows. Through these activities, we as postdocs will be better able to define our roles in the university and community, allowing us to become successful educators, researchers and professionals.

Diversity enriches both the scientific community and society at large and the full benefit of this diversity can only be reached if every human being feels safe and welcome in their community. As a postdoctoral community of Baylor College of Medicine, we commit to actively work towards creating a safe environment and equal opportunities for all postdocs, independent of their background, origin, gender, race, sexual orientation and identity, religion, ability, accessibility, and intellectual or socioeconomic status. We seek to address all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion for postdocs at Baylor College of Medicine. By leveraging the existing globally diverse population of postdocs, we hope to create an even more inclusive, diverse, and collaborative environment for all at Baylor College of Medicine. We aim to provide new opportunities for training, to assemble resources, and to advocate for awareness and institutional changes.

Baylor College of Medicine Inclusion and Excellence Council


Inclusion and Excellence Council PDA Representatives


Please feel free to reach out to voice your opinion or concerns and your representatives can take it up with the BCM leadership.

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