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About Us


The Pathology Interest Group (PIG) at Baylor College of Medicine was created to foster interest in and to provide students with opportunities to explore the field of pathology. We work towards this by hosting informational sessions as well as hands-on events such as a frozen section workshop and a fine needle aspiration workshop. PIG’s events may be informational, immersive, and in some cases, both. These events allow medical students to meet and interact with physicians and residents at all levels and in many subspecialties, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the pathology learned in the classroom and on the wards.

Meet Pathology Faculty and Residents

Our first meeting of the academic year welcomes students to the field of pathology with an informational session by a panel of faculty and residents. Students have the opportunity to ask questions, engage with pathologists, and find out more about interest group activities.

See, Test, Treat Program

BCM faculty, residents, and students in the Pathology Interest Group have participated in the College of American Pathologists’ See, Test, and Treat program since 2018, which provides free breast and cervical cancer screening and education to underserved women

FNA Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, students are taught to perform fine needle aspirations (FNAs) on chicken livers. Pathology faculty and residents help them smear, stain, and examine slides under the microscope.

Resident-led Review Sessions

Aligning with the MS2 curriculum, these resident-led review sessions take students through relevant pathology by examining real cases at the multi-headed scope.