School of Medicine

Radiology Interest Group


The Radiology Interest Group at Baylor College of Medicine is dedicated to fostering interest in both interventional radiology (IR) and diagnostic radiology (DR) within the medical student body by providing guidance to medical students through mentorship and opportunities for pre-clinical and clinical growth via various educational sessions. We continuously work to provide educational programming and research opportunities for students and to advocate for and improve radiology instruction during undergraduate medical training.

Pre-Clinical Electives:
MERAD 514 - Radiographic Anatomy
MERAD 515 - Radiology: Clinical Correlation

Clinical Electives:
MERAD 506 - Diagnostic Radiology (Prerequisite to any of the following clinical electives)
MERAD 509 - Pediatric Radiology
MERAD 520 - Neuroradiology
MERAD 522 - Interventional Radiology
MERAD 524 - Chest Radiology
MERAD 526 - Abdominal Imaging