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Investing in Baylor College of Medicine makes a world of difference for patients, faculty and students. Donations help heal patients, accelerate medical breakthroughs and provide academic opportunities for our educators and learners and improve our ability to create the ideal patient experience.

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The Key to Improving Outcomes for Cancer Patients

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The Precision Proteome Initiative is focused on improving the accuracy of the cancer diagnostic process to decrease exposure to ineffective therapies and increase access to effective treatment. 


Developmental difficulties made it a struggle for Alexis to breathe, walk and talk. Read more about how Genome Sequencing pinpointed the exact cause of her condition and turned Alexis’s life around.

Alexis' Story

Baylor College of Medicine is not only where Dr. Tom J. Rosenbalm received his education – it’s where he chooses to make a difference, in hope of future breakthroughs to benefit us all.

Dr. Rosenbalm’s story

After their son’s diagnosis of mitochondrial disease at age 3, Jenna and Justin Crosby were relieved to have an explanation for Carson’s symptoms. Finding the cause of Carson’s illness inspired the family to create Courage for a Cure Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to raising funds for research and to increase awareness.


Crosby Family Story

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease turned this 37-year-old single mom’s life upside down, but she decided she had to fight back. Read more about how Allison is thriving and living the life she deserves.

Allison's Story

After struggling with fertility, Jerry and his wife Ashley were able to expand their family when they were out of hope. Read more about their journey to parenthood with the help of Dr. Larry Lipshultz and Baylor’s Department of Urology staff.

Jenkins Family Story

Baylor College of Medicine student Victor Albornoz-Alvarez faces a challenge to help save his Hugo brother from a common cancer. Read more about the impact fighting the life threatening disease has had on the brothers.

Victor's Story

A young and otherwise healthy mother of three, Amy Beale’s life changed in an instant in July 2020 when she had a seizure out of nowhere. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in a Rio Grande Valley emergency room. Read more about how Amy found hope and healing at Baylor's Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

Amy's Story