Baylor College of Medicine

Head and Neck Cancer Biospecimen Collection Pilot Project (H-36565)



NSABP-RTOG-GOG (NRG) Head and Neck Cancer Biospecimen Collection Pilot Project (HNC-BCP)

We are doing research to discover genetic changes associated with cancer by documenting the changes that occur to the DNA, RNA, and proteins found in head and neck cancer cells. DNA and RNA can be sequenced so that your exact genetic code can be identified; using this technique, we can detect changes to your DNA and RNA sequences that are specifically related to cancer. Cancer can result from changes in a person’s genetic material that causes cells to divide in an uncontrolled way and sometimes to travel to other organs. Currently, researchers and doctors know some of the genetic changes that can cause cancer, but they do not know all of them. This may lead to better ways of preventing, detecting, and treating cancer and other diseases.



  1. Histologically confirmed diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma with operable or inoperable tumors, stage III and IVA-B of oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, larynx and p16+ unknown primary
  2. Must have ≥ 10 pack/year history of tobacco use
  3. No prior therapy, including surgery with curative intent, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy or EGFR targeted therapies
  4. Must have a mass measuring ≥ 2.0 cm that is accessible for repeat biopsy
  5. Patient is a candidate for radiation or radiation and chemotherapy.

IRB: H-36565




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