PIXImus Request and Use Procedures



  • You will need to get IACUC approval for performing the procedure on your animals, including the use of anesthesia.
  • Once this is approved, you will need to be trained by MMRU staff on how to use the instrument, and when this is accomplished, you will need to be added as a user to Dr. Fiorotto’s X-ray protocol.
  • The PIXImus is in storage when not in use.  So, you will also need to book either room 1012 or 1014 that are authorized for X-ray use for the times you want to use it.
    • If you use isoflurane, you must provide the necessary setup and the anesthesia.
  • To book the instrument, e-mail Dr. Fiorotto stating your approved animal protocol number, charge source, when you wish to use it, for how long, and the room where you will do your measurements.
  • After you have finished using the instrument sign the logbook entering all the requested information.
  • Clean the PIXImus when you are done, and make sure to take your data with you.
  • Inform MMRU staff that you have completed your study.