Translational Genomics Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the LTG core located?
We are located at Children’s Nutrition Research Center, 1100 Bates Street, Room 8004, Houston, TX 77030

Is it ok to bring samples in any tubes?
No. Samples must be submitted in 1.5 mL RNAse and DNAse-free microcentrifuge tubes. PCR tubes will not be accepted.

We do not have tech can LTG core prepare libraries for us?
Yes. Just order the reagents and we will do the rest.

How much does it cost for LTG core to prepare libraries / sequencing / microarray processing?
We at LTG core process and run sample at cost. There is no extra charge for running samples. Just pay for labor and material. Please request a quote by emailing

Can we bring our own libraries for sequencing?
Yes. We will run QC and if they meet our criteria before we sequence them.

What is the minimum requirement for DNA / RNA quantity?
Minimum requirement depends on the application.

What are the various charges?
Please contact us at LTG core and we will be glad to provide you with the quote.

Should RNA (during purification) be treated with DNAse?
Yes. We highly recommend this extra step for better results on NGS.