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Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellows
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Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellows

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Why did you choose Texas Children’s Hospital?

I found that Texas Children's is able to balance quantity with quality – the breadth and depth of clinical training is unparalleled. More importantly, this same education is actively prioritized by all faculty within the department. – Marisa Orbea, ID Fellow

I had the opportunity to work with different Texas Children's/Baylor infectious disease faculty as a resident, and I was consistently impressed with the experience, knowledge, and teaching capabilities of the faculty. I also was amazed that every ID fellow I talked to was getting a training experience uniquely tailored to their research interests and academic goals. - Margaret Taylor, ID Fellow

I chose Texas Children's, because I felt that our program provides the best clinical training in the country. I have two reasons for this: Texas Children's Hospital ID program enables you to see a very wide variety of infections as a fellow including tropical disease, endemic disease, all sorts of viruses, zoonosis, infections in neonates, complex medical conditions, BMT and solid organ transplant. You learn from experts in all sorts of infectious diseases who write UpToDate, Redbook and Feigin & Cherry chapters and they all love to teach. - Saki Ikedar, ID Fellow

What advice would you give to new fellows joining Texas Children’s Hospital?

Ask any and all questions you can think of! You will always be surrounded by experts in the field who are excited to teach you everything they know. – Marisa Orbea, ID Resident

Reach out to your co-fellows or faculty whenever you have a question! I found my co-fellows very helpful in learning to navigate the day-to-day challenges and talking through unusual calls. - Margaret Taylor, ID Fellow

How does the fellowship program approach mentorship?

When you arrive to Texas Children's, you will meet with Dr. Palazzi and at least one of the faculty research liaisons about your academic interests. They will help you identify faculty, either within the pediatric ID department or outside the department, with similar research interests. After that, you will arrange meetings with these faculty (“speed dating!”) to find a mentor who would be the perfect fit! - Margaret Taylor, ID Fellow

What should applicants and incoming fellows know about the clinical and research aspects of fellowship?

The clinical training you will receive at Texas Children's covers the Redbook. We see everything from bread-and-butter cases (osteomyelitis, urinary tract infections with multi-drug-resistant organisms, community acquired pneumonia) to unusual zoonotic infections (rat bite fever, murine typhus, cat scratch disease, dengue fever) to a range of serious disseminated infections in immunocompromised patients (invasive fungal disease, CMV and adenovirus viremia, PJP). Houston also has a high prevalence of tuberculosis and we care for children with a variety of TB disease presentations. The research opportunities at Texas Children's are also vast: there are faculty pursuing research in global health and TB, HIV, vaccine development, transplant ID, antimicrobial stewardship, infection control, and laboratory diagnostics. - Margaret Taylor, ID Fellow

Our Infectious Disease program wants to support you in whatever field in ID that you want to work in and helps you achieve your goals. The curriculum/schedule is tailored according to your interests. They also help you figure out what your goals are and provide guidance by having regular meetings. You also build a very close relationship with your research mentor. I feel well supported and am very happy as a fellow in my program. - Saki Ikedar, ID Fellow

How would you describe your relationship with your co-fellows and fellows across Texas Children’s Hospital?

My co-fellows are amazing friends and resources! Whenever I have a question about an unusual phone call, how to order an ID lab, or even the passcode to a bathroom in Legacy Tower, I feel like I can turn to them for an answer! The non-ID fellows at Texas Children's are also fun to work with, particularly the heme/onc, ICU, PHM, and A&I fellows (who we work with a lot!) - Margaret Taylor, ID Fellow


What is your favorite thing about Houston?

I love that there are endless daytime and nighttime activities. I can always find something to do with friends whether single or alongside significant others, children, and/or fur babies! – Marisa Orbea, ID Resident

While the summers in Houston are hot, the climate from September-May is WONDERFUL! I love living in a place where I can eat at my favorite restaurants outside all year round. The warm weather makes walking the dog in January much easier, too! - Margaret Taylor, ID Fellow