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Additional Services


For Procedures Performed in the Hospital or Clinic


For procedures performed in the hospital or in our clinic, the following applies:

If you are not staying over night at the hospital post surgery, please arrange to stay at a hotel the first night. The Houston Marriott at the Texas Medical Center is the closest hotel near our office and the hospital. Should an emergency occur or should you need to be seen by your doctor, it would facilitate quicker access to you.

When discharged, hospital policy states you must have someone pick you up or you will not be released. Additional hospital stay is then required creating an unexpected payment. So, please prepare. We encourage you to have a family member or friend stay with you. If you are traveling alone, you must make arrangements in advance with a home healthcare agency. You can also search online. Professional Caretakers is one of the many home healthcare agencies in Houston.


Companion or Home Healthcare Required


You must consider that after surgery there is always a possibility you may feel nauseated/weak, which makes self care very difficult. We have had cases where patients feel they are able to care for themselves and later find this impossible post surgery.

Having a family member/friend along would be financially more reasonable for you in comparison with a home healthcare agency. This will be your choice.

If you do not have a companion or home healthcare arranged, surgery will be cancelled.

Medication is required post surgery - antibiotic and pain medication. Pain medication is a narcotic, which is not allowed to be called in to an out-of-state pharmacy. A prescription will be given to you during your preoperative consultation, which can be filled at the pharmacy in our building. For procedures performed in our clinic, you should begin taking the antibiotic the day before surgery. It is best to be prepared than feeling under the weather and worrying about your medications after surgery.

When making your hotel reservation, make sure you ask if they have room service or kitchenette. If you choose to stay in a hotel that does not offer room service, please plan to buy your groceries, medications, etc. before your surgery to avoid the inconvenience of shopping post surgery. You must eat so please be prepared.

Bring convenient, easy to slip on/off comfortable clothing, button up blouse/shirt is recommended.

In case of emergency make sure you leave a contact number with our office and with the hospital nurse.

If you prepare with all the above recommendations in advance, your trip/surgery in Houston will be an exciting, memorable event.


We are pleased to offer a concierge service to assist out-of-town patients and those with special needs, to make your visit easier. Currently, we offer assistance in securing convenient hotel accommodations and private transportation for those requiring an extended level of care. For more information, contact our Guest Services coordinator at (713) 798-6141.