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Ombuds Office Sessions


The Ombuds Office promotes a neutral, fair, and equitable approach to problem-solving, conflict management and consensus building. 

The Ombuds Office helps people express concerns, resolves disputes, manage conflict, and learn more productive ways of communicating. 

Our goal for this series is to help BCM Community members: 

  • Identify opportunities to engage in difficult discussions 
  • Discuss strategies for conflict resolution, reduction, and management 
  • Explore how BCM members can better self-advocate in negotiations 

Each program will offer participants the opportunity to experience or observe civil discourse and collaborative conversation techniques 

Target Audience: All BCM faculty, student and staff 

Led by:

Melanie Jagneaux, JD, MBA
Executive Director, Ombuds
Alicia Booker, Ph.D.
Principal, Ombuds
Baylor College of Medicine