Center for Cell and Gene Therapy

Translational Research Laboratories


Located on the 17th floor of the Feigin Center at Texas Children's Hospital, scientists and technical staff in these labs work to optimize the conditions and techniques for making the clinical protocol a reality.

They address the issues involved in scaling up techniques to meet the volumes associated with clinical trials, developing a closed system for the techniques, and training the appropriate staff in the Clinical Applications Lab.

The Translational Research Laboratory serves as a two-way transfer between basic science and patient care with the goal of better understanding diseases and to research new methods of treatment and prevention. Pre-clinical models are formulated, analyzed and tested by a team of researchers, physicians and technical staff. Once a clinical trial is opened, the Translational Research Labs monitor the efficacy of the trial. This staff does development and implementation of new techniques or processes, such as monoclonal antibody or plasmid production, into the GMP lab.