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Antonsen EL, Connell E, Anton W, Reynolds RJ, Buckland DM, Van Baalen M. Updates to the NASA human system risk management process for space exploration. npj Microgravity. 2023 Sep 7;9(1):1–11. DOI
CSM: Dr. Erik Antonsen

Almand A, Ko SY, Anderson A, Keller RJ, Zero M, Anderson AP, et al. A Qualitative Investigation of Space Exploration Medical Evacuation Risks. Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance. 2023 Dec;94(12):875–86. DOI
CSM: Dr. Kris Lehnhardt

Clark J, Parazynski S. Disasters in Space Travel: From  Earth to Orbit, and Beyond. In: Ciottone G, editor. Ciottone’s Disaster Medicine. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Inc.; 2023. p. 1002–5. DOI 
CSM: Dr. Jonathan Clark

Faerman A, Clark JB, Sutton JP. Neuropsychological considerations for long-duration deep spaceflight. Frontiers in Physiology. 2023 May 19;14. DOI
CSM: Drs. Jonathan B. Clark & Jeffrey P. Sutton

Fernandez W, Levin D, Steller JG, Kerstman E, Lemery J, Zahner C, et al. Task impairment: A novel approach for assessing impairment during exploration-class spaceflight missions. Journal of Space Safety Engineering. 2023 Jan 11; DOI
CSM: Dr. David Hilmers

Hirzallah MI, Bose S, Hu J, Maltz JS. Automation of ultrasonographic optic nerve sheath diameter measurement using convolutional neural networks. Journal of Neuroimaging. 2023 Oct 16;33(6):898–903. DOI 
CSM: Dr. Mohammad Hirzallah

Keller R, Goli K, Porter W, Aly Alrabaa, Jones JA. Cyanobacteria and Algal-Based Biological Life Support System (BLSS) and Planetary Surface Atmospheric Revitalizing Bioreactor Brief Concept Review. MDPI AG. 2023 Mar 17;13(3):816–6. DOI
CSM: Dr. Jeffrey Jones 

Kreykes AJ, Suresh R, Levin D, Hilmers DC. Selecting Medical Conditions Relevant to Exploration Spaceflight to Create the IMPACT 1.0 Medical Condition List. Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance. 2023 Jul 1;94(7):550–7. DOI
CSM: Drs. Dana Levin & David Hilmers

Levin DR, Steller J, Anderson A, Lemery J, Easter B, Hilmers DC, et al. Enabling Human Space Exploration Missions Through Progressively Earth Independent Medical Operations (EIMO). IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology. 2023 Mar 10;1–6. DOI
CSM: Drs. David Hilmers & Kris Lehnhardt

Meer E, Grob S, Antonsen EL, Sawyer A. Ocular conditions and injuries, detection and management in spaceflight. npj Microgravity. 2023 May 16;9(1):1–13. DOI
CSM: Dr. Erik Antonsen

Pathare NN, Fayet-Moore F, Fogarty JA, Jacka FN, Strandwitz P, Strangman GE, et al. Nourishing the brain on deep space missions: nutritional psychiatry in promoting resilience. Frontiers in Neural Circuits. 2023 Aug 17;17. DOI
CSM: Drs. Jennifer Fogarty & Dorit Donoviel

Rahimzadeh V, Fogarty J, Caulfield T, Aunon-Chancellor S, Borry P, Candia J, et al. Ethically cleared to launch? Rules are needed for human research in commercial spaceflight. Science. 2023 Sep 28;381(6665):1408–11. DOI
CSM: Drs. Jennifer Fogarty, Emmanuel Urquieta, & Dorit Donoviel

Reichard JF, Phelps SE, Lehnhardt KR, Young M, Easter BD. The effect of long-term spaceflight on drug potency and the risk of medication failure. npj Microgravity. 2023 May 5;9(1).
CSM: Dr. Kris Lehnhardt

Russell BK, Burian BK, Hilmers DC, Beard BL, Martin K, Pletcher DL, et al. The value of a spaceflight clinical decision support system for earth-independent medical operations. npj Microgravity. 2023 Jun 21;9(1). DOI
CSM: Drs. David Hilmers, Kris Lehnhardt, and Dana Levin

Sanders LM, Scott RT, Yang JH, Qutub AA, Garcia Martin H, Berrios DC, et al. Biological research and self-driving labs in deep space supported by artificial intelligence. Nature Machine Intelligence. 2023 Mar 1;5(3):208–19. DOI
CSM: Dr. Erik Antonsen

Scott RT, Sanders LM, Antonsen EL, Hastings JJA, Park S, Mackintosh G, et al. Biomonitoring and precision health in deep space supported by artificial intelligence. Nature Machine Intelligence. 2023 Mar 1;5(3):196–207. DOI
CSM: Dr. Erik Antonsen

‌Schmidt MA, Jones JA, Mason CE. Optimizing human performance in extreme environments through precision medicine: From spaceflight to high-performance operations on Earth. Cambridge Prisms: Precision Medicine [Internet]. 2023 Jun 30; DOI
CSM: Dr. Jeffrey A. Jones

‌Schneider V, Siegel B, Allen JR. Human Health on the Moon and Beyond and the Results of the Spaceflight for Everybody Symposium. Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance. 2023 Aug 1;94(8):634–43. DOI
CSM: Dr. Victor Schneider

Seyedmadani K, Tucker KA, Reyna B, Akay MYasemin, Akay M, Fogarty JA. Processes for Designing Innovative Biomedical Hardware to Use In Space and on Earth. IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology. 2023;1–6. DOI
CSM: Dr. Jennifer A. Fogarty

Zwart SR, Macias BR, Laurie SS, Ferguson CR, Stern C, Suh A, et al. Optic disc edema during strict 6° head-down tilt bed rest is related to one-carbon metabolism pathway genetics and optic cup volume. Frontiers in ophthalmology. 2023 Oct 27;3. DOI 
CSM: Dr. Eric Bershad


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