Global Programs Innovation


Global Portability 

  • ISO-standard shipping container: transported anywhere globally by ship, train, truck or helicopter
  • Deployed and expanded on most surfaces with as few as 4 people in < 20 minutes


  • Designed by clinicians, for clinicians; validated by NASA engineers
  • ~400 sq. footprint of usable space; 2.5x more capacity than 20-ft medical containers
  • GPS, Wi-Fi and remote telemedical support


  • Modular: operates independently or linked together as a field hospital
  • Clinically versatile: primary care, laboratory (BSL 2/3), pharmacy, operating room, mental health, emergency care and more

Robust Design

  • Self-sustaining: functions off grid or connected to local utilities
  • Withstands heat, snow, rain and winds up to 116 MPH
  • Climate-controlled, air purification systems & antimicrobial-treated surfaces

Award-Winning Solution


Item Term
USAID Ebola Grand Challenge

Item Definition

Global Programs is an awardee of the Ebola Grand Challenge granted by USAID, The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Department of State. From more than 1,600 applications, Global Programs is one of 12 winners selected.