Clinical Scientist Training Admissions


Students may join the program for one year and receive a Certificate of Added Qualification, or for two or more years for an M.S. or Ph.D. degree from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Applications are accepted for the M.S. (two to three years) or Ph.D. (three to five years) degree awarded by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and for the non-degree Certificate of Added Qualification (one-year) program. All applicants must hold an M.D. degree and be appointed at Baylor College of Medicine.

Ph.D. applicants must be appointed as junior faculty and M.S. applicants must be appointed as junior faculty, senior residents or senior subspecialty fellows at Baylor. CAQ applicants must have an M.D. or other appropriate terminal degree and hold a benefits eligible appointment at BCM.


Ph.D. or M.S. Degree Applicants


Application Deadline: March 1

M.S. and Ph.D. applicants must be assured of at least 75 percent protected time for research and research-related activities for the entire duration of their participation in the CSTP.

Go to the Graduate School Application to apply on line. Note: some sections may be left blank and additional documents are required for the CSTP application. Read the information below for each section of the application before beginning the on-line application process.

Program Selection:
First Choice: Specify Clinical Scientist Training Program–Select either M.S. or Ph.D.
Second Choice: Leave BLANK.

General Information: Required

Demographic Information: Required

Personal Statement: Describe why you are considering an M.S. or Ph.D. in Clinical Investigation and believe it will help your career development. State your current position at Baylor and describe what your career expectations are in next three to five years.

Academic History: Required

Transcripts: Required

Standardized Test Scores: Leave blank

Research Experience: Required. Upload a one-page Research Statement that includes a description of all of your research experiences. Include what you learned and the significance of the work.

Work Experience: Complete

Honors: Leave blank

Publications: Leave blank

Publication Attachments: Upload the five additional required documents. These include:

  • Research Proposal
    • MS Program: Submit a three-page research proposal, written by you with your mentor, including the knowledge gap, goal/objectives, hypothesis, aims, and the experimental plan.
    • Ph.D. Program: Submit a five-page research proposal describing an in-depth investigation that meets the standard of a Ph.D. dissertation project, including two-to-three specific aims and experimental approaches.
  • One-Page Summary: Submit a one-page summary of the project’s aims and brief justification of how the project is appropriate for the degree timeline (2-3 year for M.S., 4-5 years for Ph.D.).
  • NIH-style biosketch
  • NIH-style biosketch of mentor
  • List of mentor's research trainees for the past 15 years (exclude clinical trainees)

Letters of Recommendation: You need at least three; view details below.

  • From your mentor. This letter must include your mentor’s agreement to attend the CSTP all day retreat in February and participate in mentorship training (organized by the CSTP at a date to be determined).
  • From your section chief or department chair. This letter must state that you will receive a minimum of 75 percent protected time for the duration of the program, salary support, and research supplies if your mentor is unable to provide them.*
  • From previous research mentor, if you have one. If not, then from someone who knows you and your research potential well.
  • The online application will send a request to your referees who will then upload the letter of recommendation directly to your application. Convey the above requirements to your mentor and division chief/department chair before submitting your completed application.
  • *All CSTP trainees are expected to be completely committed to the program. It is recognized that you will have limited commitment to your clinical services, but this cannot exceed the equivalent of approximately one day per week.

Submission: Required


Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ)


Application Deadline: May 1. Students should have an M.D. or other healthcare-related advanced degree.

There is no online application form. All materials should be sent together by email or regular mail to, or Kelly Levitt, CSTP, Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Suite 100D, MS: BCM122, Houston, TX, 77030.

Application Materials for CAQ

CAQ Application Form 2021

  • A summary of proposed research, written by the student and the mentor, including significance, hypothesis and experimental approach (1-3 pages)
  • Letter of support from division chair OR section chief OR program director stating that you will have protected time to attend all classes and have time to conduct research (50 percent minimum recommended) - sent directly by referee to
  • Letter of support from mentor, stating that he or she will attend the one-day annual CSTP retreat in February and participate in mentorship training (dates and times to be determined)- sent directly by referee to
  • A one-page personal statement describing research experience, research and career goals, and how this program will help in reaching these goals
  • NIH-style biosketch
  • NIH-style biosketch of mentor
  • List of mentor's research trainees for the past 15 years (exclude clinical trainees)
  • A photo of yourself