School of Medicine

M.D./M.P.H. Career Opportunities


Why obtain a Masters in Public Health (M.P.H. ) in addition to a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)?

  • Provides verification of knowledge and expertise in public health
  • Increasingly expected of physicians working in international health, where public health and medical workers often collaborate closely
  • Strongly benefits individuals working in settings combining public health focus areas (e.g. occupational health, health promotion, health policy) with the provision of medical care

What are the benefits of enrolling in the MD/MPH pathway during medical school instead of obtaining an MPH later in your career?

  • Shared credit for 12 hours taken at BCM, thereby reducing your tuition, fees and the time it takes to complete both degrees
  • Integrated education and training from a combined program can enhance understanding of health issues and provide better skills to understand and prevent human disease
  • More competitive for residencies that value a MPH

Will an M.P.H. limit my specialty choice? What specialties are the “best fit” for an M.P.H. ?

  • There is no field of medicine where a public health degree would be unwelcome
  • A M.P.H. is a flexible degree that each student tailors to his or her own unique interests
  • Much like your decision to attend public health school, your specialty choice is a personal decision that should be informed by your unique abilities, concerns and values