Healthcare: Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

Hospital Stay and Postoperative Care


Your procedure may require a stay in the hospital. When you are in your room, your doctor will have written orders for all of your necessary medication. You may have an IV, drains and/or a catheter. Nurses will closely monitor your recovery and incisions. You will probably go home with your drains in place. See Care of Your Jackson-Pratt Drain for more information. They will be removed one to two weeks after your surgery in your doctor's office. You will be required to walk to help reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

When you are recovering at home, if you experience excessive bleeding or pain, call the Center for Plastic Surgery at Baylor Medicine at (713) 798-6141 or contact us for direct line for your doctor's coordinator.

Please avoid any strenuous activity when you are recovering at home. Do not strain or over exert. Please try to stay sitting in a chair or in bed. You may get up to go to the bathroom. Even if you feel well, do not do any house work, yard work, moving furniture, reorganizing projects, shopping, or any activities, strenuous or not, of any kind! This could cause additional bleeding, bruising and swelling.

Your dressing must be kept dry and clean. Do not remove them unless instructed by your doctor or the staff. Ice packs or cold compresses will help with swelling and discomfort. You may try frozen peas in the package as a cold compress as they yield to your form.

For more information see Postoperative Instructions.