Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Lorraine Cornwell and Dr. Farrah Kheradmand

Drs. Cornwell and Kheradmand receive Over $4M in Funding

Amanda May


Dr. Lorraine Cornwell, assistant professor of surgery, and Dr. Farrah Kheradmand, professor of pulmonary medicine, have received a grant of $4,455,000 (more than five years) from the Lung Precision Oncology Program. LPOP is a part of the Veteran's Health Administration's goal to transform itself into a System of Excellence for Precision Oncology which launched in 2021. 
Dr. Cornwell specializes in surgical care for thoracic oncology patients, including those with lung cancer, esophageal cancer, thymoma, and other rare cancers, such as mediastinal tumors and mesothelioma. Dr. Kheradmand is a physician scientist specializes in studying the role of immune system in models of lung diseases, including emphysema and lung cancer. 

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