Instrumentation Training


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The CCSC has 7 analyzers: an Amnis ImageStreamX Mark II, an LSRFortessa Analyzer, 2 LSRII Analyzers, 2 CantoII Analyzers, and an Acoustic Focusing Attune Analyzer.

The core also has 5 sorters: a 5-laser FACSAriaIIu sorter, a 5-laser FACSAriaII sorter, a 3-laser FACSAriaIIu sorter, a 4-laser Sony SH800, and a 2-laser Union Biometrica BioSorter.

In addition there is: an automated Viability Analyzer/Cell Counter (Vi-Cell), an AutoMACS Magnetic Column Cell Separator, a GentleMACS tissue dissociator, and three computers at our workstations 2 PCs, and 1 Mac).

Training is offered on all instruments.


Training Types


We offer six main types of training (request all training by email):

  • Analyzer Training - $350 - (acquire data on fluorescence expression). Typically 3 days (4-5 hours apiece) on a Monday-Wednesday.
  • Aria Sort Training - $115/hour - (analyze AND deflect a certain population of cells to be collected for downstream applications). Typically 16-20 hours of one on one training. Requests to be trained will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Access Aria sort training videos for initial training or to review your training (Baylor login required)
  • Sony SH800 Sort Training - $65/hour + $40 chip charge - (analyze the fluorescence expression AND deflect a certain population of cells to be collected downstream applications). Typically 6 hours of one on one training.
  • Vi-Cell Training- Complementary ~30 minutes - (cell counter and viability analyzer).
  • AutoMACS Training- Complementary ~1 hour - (magnetic cell separator).
  • GentleMACS Training - Complementary ~10 minutes- (tissue dissociator).