Single Cell Genomics Core (SCGC) provides services to conduct high throughput genome profiling, including DNA, RNA, and Epigenetics profiling, on a single cell or a small number of cells. The services offered by SCGC are as follow:

Single Cell Capture and 3' RNAseq / Feature Barcoding Library
Provide service for single cell capture and 3' RNAseq using chromium from 10x Genomics and ICEll8 from takara.

Single Cell Capture and V(D)J/5' RNAseq
Provide service for single cell capture, VDJ profiling and 5' RNAseq using 10x Genomics.

Single Cell Capture and ATACseq
Provide service for single nuclei capture and ATACseq using 10x Genomics.

Low Input RNAseq
RNAseq from 1-1000 cells or 10pg-10ng RNA using Takara SMART-seq v4 ultra low input RNA kit.

Low Input Bisulfite Sequencing
Methylation profiling for 20ng of genomic DNA using Tagmentation based protocol.

Data Analysis and Storage
Standard data analysis will be performed as part of the routine service. Additional bioinformatics support will be available through customized solutions by the SCGC or the multi-omics data analysis services by the Biostatistics and Informatics Shared Resources (BISR).

Next generation sequencing is provided in collaborating with the Genomic and RNA Profiling Core.




Core Email:

Academic Director: Rui Chen, Ph.D.
Phone: (713) 798-5194