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Since the College was founded in 1900, Baylor College of Medicine has been an organization with a legacy of excellence, created and nurtured by its faculty, staff and trainees. To maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, free from influence that might create even an appearance of bias, the College requires the disclosure of certain interests and an appropriate response when possible conflicts arise.

Beginning in fiscal year 2020, the College will be implementing its annual Disclosure of Financial Interests requirement through the College’s new Disclosure of Outside Interests (DOI) Tool. All covered personnel and investigators will be required to submit a disclosure of financial interest, at least annually, using the DOI tool. Individuals will also be able to use the new tool to fulfill the College’s pre-approval for consulting with industry and work as an expert witness or legal consultant.

Baylor employees can utilize the Disclosure of Outside Interest Intranet page (Intranet link) to find quick links to the tool, policies, instructions and resources, and FAQs that will assist you fulfill these requirements.



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A Culture of Transparency


Dr. Paul Klotman, Baylor College of Medicine President, CEO and Executive Dean, speaks on the College's initiative to create a culture of transparency and disclosure facilitated by a new tool for the declaration of financial interests.