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Ways to Save Energy


Members of the Baylor College of Medicine community are actively participating in conservation measures at the college. Here are some energy saving tips that everyone can incorporate into their daily routines. If you work from home, check with your employer's IT personnel for business-specific information.


Home Computers


Never use screen savers – they waste energy. Activate power management settings for your computer and monitor by setting them to sleep mode (go to settings, and then control panel). By taking these simple steps, you can save $50 in electricity every year.

Configure your monitor to turn off after 20 minutes of inactivity, your hard drive to turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity, and your desktop computer or laptop to go into a standby or sleep mode after 90 minutes of inactivity. (If your computer does not have a standby or sleep mode, or you can't find it, simply turn off your monitor when it is not in use).

Shut down your monitor and personal printer or place them in a standby mode when you leave the office for more than a few hours.




Turn off the lights when you leave each room and turn off lights in rooms not in use.

Never use halogen floor lamps. They typically consume two or three times their purchase price in energy costs every year.

Buy energy-efficient electronics with the Energy Star label, such as computers, printers, and refrigerators. Learn more about the Energy Star Program.

Keep your thermostat at a winter setting of 70 degrees when heating is required, and a summer setting of 76 degrees when cooling is required.

Do you have energy saving/sustainability tips to share? Email them to recycling@bcm.edu.


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