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Campus Access and Security


Baylor College of Medicine does not allow open access to the public to enter its facilities. Security check points are staffed by Security attendants at the three main entrances to campus during normal business hours, with the main Cullen Building entrance staffed until 10:00 p.m. nightly and 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekends and holidays. After hours, the public entry doors are locked and badge access is required. Other entry doors around campus require badge access at all times. Baylor students, trainees, faculty and staff are required to display their badges at all times while on campus.

Guests and Visitors

Non-Baylor personnel will need to present a photo ID and sign in at a security checkpoint upon arrival at the College. A visitor's sticker ID badge must be worn in a visible location throughout the visit.

ID Badges and Access Cards

An ID badge is required for all employees, students and trainees. Other Texas Medical Center ID badges are recognized, but the preferred ID for the College is the Baylor ID. The badge provides the name and department recognition, ID number and a bar code that can be scanned for certain services at the College. The badge should be worn so it is easily visible.

Entry into the College is gained by presenting the badge to a security attendant at one of the security stations. Security staff can be contacted after hours by using an intercom located at each of the entrances.

A number of secure, exclusive entry doors are equipped with card readers that will unlock when an approved Access Card is presented. Many areas have sensitive areas with access controlled locks. The Security Department issues Access Cards to individuals with approval from their department administrator or supervisor.


  • A valid Baylor-issued ID must be visible at all times on College property.
  • If you do not have an ID with you, your department must send a supervisor to the security station to vouch for you.
  • If your ID or Access Card is stolen or lost, immediately report it to the Security Department.
  • Access Cards are for use of the bearer only.Do not allow others to enter with you through an access controlled door (known as "piggybacking"). Violation of this policy can result in the deactivation of your card.
  • Access Card holders who transfer between departments or leave Baylor are required to notify the Security Department. When you finish your association with the College, your ID will be surrendered to your department administrator or to the Security Department.
  • Replacement badges are issued during normal business hours. There is a $15 fee for a combination ID/Access Card payable by cash or check. No credit cards will be accepted.
  • "Sticker" ID badges are issued: until a permanent badge is obtained; in the event of a lost or stolen ID; and for all visitors and guests.

Badges and cards are the property of the College. Questions concerning badges or access cards or entrance policies should be directed to Security, 713-798-3000.