Department of Anesthesiology

Pediatric Anesthesiology Career Development


Faculty Mentoring

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Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellows in the OR

At a formal level, incoming fellows are paired with an experienced faculty mentor. The role of the mentor can vary but is ultimately to help with whatever the fellow needs: whether guidance on career paths, involvement in academic projects, or general assistance with day-to-day fellow life.

More informally, one of our program’s greatest strengths is the depth and breadth of our faculty’s experiences. Whatever your interests may be, you’ll be able to find someone within the department who either shares your passion or can direct you to the individuals who do. These faculty are often renowned within their fields, and importantly for our fellows, are also our best teachers and mentors.


Board Preparation

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Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellows

Each year between the months of December and March, a dedicated group of faculty prepare our fellows for the ABA APPLIED Exam. Directed by actual ABA board examiners and other faculty members with expertise in medical education, this preparation entails:

  • Weekly group discussions with faculty moderators
  •  Mock Standardized Oral Examination (SOE) sessions
  • Mock Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) sessions

Equally important in our fellowship is preparation for subspecialty certification in Pediatric Anesthesiology. This is achieved through a combination of didactic and clinical experiences and is highlighted by our Pediatric Anesthesia Comprehensive Review Series. In this series, each area in the ABA Pediatric Anesthesiology Content Outline is addressed. With a faculty mentor present to provide insight as needed, our fellows lead these weekly sessions and effectively teach one another.