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Department of Medicine

Atherosclerosis and Vascular Medicine Conference Schedule


Conferences held Mondays 1–2 p.m. via Zoom unless noted. Core curriculum lectures in bold.

Conference Series 2023–2024




Aug. 28

Responsible conduct of research

Terry Techmanski, Alex Buentello

Sept. 11

Broadcasters, receivers: functional groups of biomolecules and insights into disease progression and subtypes

Azam Yazdani

Sept. 18

LDL-C–lowering medications (focus on nonstatins)

Peter Jones

Sept. 25

Triglycerides: what works now and what will in the future

Christie Ballantyne

Oct. 2

Journal Club

Abdul Minhas

Oct. 9

HDL: current relevance in CVD (part 1)

Baiba Gillard

Oct. 16

HDL: current relevance in CVD (part 2)

Henry Pownall

Oct. 23

Journal Club

Abdul Minhas

Oct. 30

Cardiometabolic disease: why the time to focus is now

Layla Abushamat

Nov. 6

Cardiovascular risk stratification

Vijay Nambi

Nov. 13



Nov. 20

AHA review

Abdul Minhas

Dec. 4

Metabolomics and proteomics

Bing Yu

Jan. 8

Hypertension management

Addison Taylor

Jan. 22

Management of inflammation in CVD prevention

Christie Ballantyne

Jan. 29

Journal Club

Abdul Minhas

Feb. 5

Weight loss strategies

Peter Jones

Feb. 12

Biomarkers and CVD

Ron Hoogeveen

Feb. 19

Macrophages, monocytes, and CVD

Huaizhu Wu

Feb. 26


Anandita Agarwal

March 4

Diabetes management in CVD prevention

Layla Abushamat

March 11

Pediatric lipid management

Justin Zachariah

March 18

CAC scoring

Mahmoud Al Rifai

March 25

Journal Club

Abdul Minhas

April 1

ACC prep

ACC prep

April 8



April 15

ACC review

Abdul Minhas

April 22

Heart failure prevention

Vijay Nambi

April 29

Journal Club

Abdul Minhas

May 6

Journal Club

Abdul Minhas

May 13

Year in review: my research

Abdul Minhas


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