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Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Grand Rounds


Normal scheduled day: Every other Friday beginning in September    
New scheduled time: 12:15 - 1 p.m.    
Location: Via Zoom till otherwise notified    
Moderator/Organizer: Dr. Mark Herman

2023-2024 Grand Rounds
DateSpeakerHome InstitutionTitle of Presentation
Sept. 1, 2023Elina Trofimovsky, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineMedical Management of Obesity for the Clinician
Sept. 15, 2023Ramona Dadu, M.D.MD AndersonAdvances in the Clinical Management of Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
Sept. 29, 2023Sekhar Rajagopal, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineImproving Brain Health and Cognitive Decline with GlyNAC Supplementation: Evidence from Rodent Studies and Human Clinical Trials
Oct. 6, 2023Laura Detti , M.D.Baylor College of MedicineFertility preservation options for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments
Oct. 20, 2023Juliet Holder-Haynes, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineObesity: Trends and Management
Nov. 3, 2023Sanjay Mediwala, M.D.Baylor College of Medicine; VAClinical Scoring Systems in Endocrinology
Nov. 17, 2023Kathryn Kanzler, PsyDBaylor College of MedicineDevelopment of Acceptance-Based Coping for Diabetes: A Community Health Worker-Delivered Program
Dec. 1, 2023Zheng Sun, Ph.D.Baylor College of MedicineCircadian Clock, Dawn Phenomenon, and Exercise Time
Dec. 15, 2023Nishath (Nina) Ali, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineManagement of Premature Menopause and Perimenopause
Dec. 29, 2023Winter Break  
Jan. 5, 2024Winter Break  
Jan. 19, 2024Mandeep Bajaj, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineMetabolic Dysfunction Associated Steatotic Liver Disease –What is New?
Feb. 2, 2024Zaven Sargsyan , M.D.Baylor College of MedicineProviding and Receiving Effective Feedback
Feb. 16, 2024Carmella Evans-Molina, Ph.D., M.D. (Kroc Lecture)Indiana University School of MedicineNew Paradigms for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
March 1, 2024Pradip Saha, Ph.D.Baylor College of MedicineThe Mouse Metabolism and Phenotyping Core at Baylor College of Medicine
March 15, 2024Theresa Guise, M.D.MD AndersonBad to the bone: systemic consequences of pathologic bone destruction
March 29, 2024Dongyin Guan, Ph.D.Baylor College of MedicineGenetic and Epigenomic Mechanisms for Circadian Biology and Medicine
April 5, 2024Dr. Suniel KoliwadUCSF HealthThe Importance of Body Fat Distribution: An Emerging Role for Fat Fibrosis
April 19, 2024Maya Balakrishnan, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineMetabolic Dysfunction Associated Steatotic Liver Disease: Making Sense of a New Name, New Guidelines, and New Medication
May 3, 2024Ruchi Gaba, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineRole of Multidisciplinary Clinics in the Management of Thyroid Cancer
May 17, 20242nd Year Fellows: Jeanette Girard, D.O., Marco Ruiz Santillan, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineEvaluating Current Practices of Insulin Orders in Diabetes Patients Admitted to the Vascular Surgery Team at MEDVAMC; Clinical Outcomes of Thyroid Cancer Patients Enrolled in a Comprehensive Thyroid Cancer Survivorship Program
May 31, 20242nd Year Fellow: Hamza Quadri, MD;Baylor College of MedicineImplementing New Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease (MASLD) Screening Guidelines in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes at the Baylor Endocrinology Clinic; Phenotypic Analysis in Pheochromocytomas and Paragangliomas: Insight from Cluster 2 and Apparently Sporadic cases; The Effects of Aromatase Inhibitors on COVID-19 outcomes in US Veterans: Blinded Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial
June 7, 2024Bahar Force, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineUpdates in Cushing Disease
June 21, 2024Cancelled due to American Diabetes Association meeting, held June 21-24  
2022-2023 Grand Rounds
DateSpeakerHome InstitutionTitle of Presentation
Sept. 2, 2022James Suliburk, M.D.; Raymon Grogan, M.D.Baylor college of MedicineState of the Art: Scarless Thyroid Surgery and Ablation 
Sept. 16, 2022Joya Chandra, Ph.D.University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer CenterStriving to Improve Outcomes for Pediatric Cancer Patients
and Survivors Through Modifiable Behaviors
Sept. 30, 2022Stephanie Sisley, M.D.Baylor College of MedicinePediatric Obesity: Where Are We Going?
Oct. 7, 2022Rajagopal Sekhar, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineReversing Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Aging Hallmarks: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial of GlyNAC Supplementation in Aging
Oct. 21, 2022Cancelled  
Nov. 4, 2022Scott Isaacs, M.D., FACP, FACEEmory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia
The Global Pandemic of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Nov. 18, 2022Jordon E. Lake, M.D., MScNational Institutes of Health Multicenter AIDS
Cohort Study (MACS) Metabolic Working Group
Fatty Liver Disease in Persons with Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Dec. 2, 2022Robert Gabby, M.D., Ph.D.Harvard Medical SchoolImproving The Lives of Those Affected by Diabetes
Dec. 16, 2022Ali J Marian, M.D.UTHealth LMNA is a Guardian of the Genome
Dec. 30, 2022Winter Break  
Jan. 6, 2023Christie Ballantyne, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineUpdate on the Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Genetics and Treatment of Hypertriglyceridemia
Jan. 20, 2023Steven Russel, M.D., Ph.D.Harvard Medical SchoolAutomating Insulin Delivery for Type 1 Diabetes: Results of the Insulin-only Bionic Pancreas Pivotal Trial
Feb. 3, 2023Rui Chen, M.D.VA/ Baylor College of MedicineEndocrine Effects from Sleep Deprivation: Why Sleep is the Most Important Pillar of Lifestyle Intervention
Feb. 17, 2023Angelina S. Bortoletto (GS)Baylor College of MedicineTargeting hIAPP Protofibrils with Monoclonal Antibodies for the
Diagnosis and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
March 3, 2023Ryan Dhindsa, M.D., Ph.D.Baylor College of MedicineRare Variant Studies in 500,000 UK Biobank Participants
March 17, 2023Matthew J. Crowley, M.D.Duke University School of MedicineReal-World Use of Intensive Telehealth for Poorly Controlled Type 2 Diabetes
March 31, 2023Vin Tangpricha, M.D., Ph.D.EMORY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINETransgender Medicine: Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy in 2023
2021-2022 Grand Rounds
DateSpeakerHome InstitutionTitle of Presentation
Sept. 3, 2021Fellows Research ProposalBaylor College of MedicineRescheduled for Jan. 7, 2022
Sept. 17, 2021Antonio Bianco, M.D., Ph.D.University of ChicagoIs there a role for LT3 in the treatment of hypothyroidism?
Oct. 1, 2021Suneil K. Koliwad, M.D., Ph.D.University of California San FranciscoRole of the Myeloid Compartment in Hypothalamic Nutrient Sensing and Responsiveness
Oct. 15, 2021Dr. Shehzad BasariaHarvard Medical SchoolControversies in Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Older Men
Oct. 29, 2021Luigi Fontana, M.D., Ph.D., FRACP (special time 4 p.m. CST)University of Sydney Clinical Academic, Royal Prince Alfred HospitalWhen a calorie is not a calorie: lessons from dietary restriction trials
Nov. 5, 2021Roberto Pacifici, M.D.Emory University School of MedicineThe Gut-Bone Axis: How the Gut Communicates with Bone
Nov. 19, 2021John Funder, M.D., Ph.D. (special time 4 p.m. CST)Hudson Institute of Medical ResearchPrimary Aldosteronism: At the Tipping Point
Dec. 3, 2021Fellows Research Proposal (Ruaa Al-Ward, M.D., Claudia Ramirez Bustamante, M.D., Deepika Fnu, M.D.Baylor College of Medicine

Multicentric Retrospective Evaluation and Follow Up of
Indeterminate Adrenal Nodules

Molecular Mechanism of Adipose Tissue Fibrosis in Chronic HIV Infection

Bone Quality in Obese Women Who Are Metabolically Healthy versus Metabolically Unhealthy

Dec. 17, 2021Dolores Shoback, M.D.University of California San FransiscoUsing Anabolic and Combination Therapies for Osteoporosis:
When They Might Be Indicated, and How to Use Them
Dec. 31, 2021No session - Holiday break  
Jan. 7, 2022Fellows Research Proposal (Eric Deal, M.D. and Deepika Fnu, D.O.)Baylor College of MedicineTBA
Jan. 21, 2022Baha M. Arafah, M.D.University Hospitals/ Case Medical CenterGlucocorticoid Stress Dosing:  Current Practices versus Pharmacokinetics Data
Feb. 4, 2022Peter Butler, M.D.University of California, Los AngelesTBA
Feb. 25, 2022Olivier Lichtarge, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineTBA
March 4, 2022Utpal Pajvani, M.D., Ph.D.Herbert Irving Associate The Metabolic Consequences of Reactivated Developmental Signals in Obesity
March 18, 2022Layla Abushamant, M.D.Baylor College of Medicine / Texas Children's HospitalSpotlight on Cardiometabolic Disease and Its Implications for Diabetes Management
April 1, 2022Michael Libschner, M.D.Baylor College of MedicineThe Role of Biomechanics in Evaluating the Benefit of Lifestyle Intervention Therapy
April 15, 2022Suman Srinivasa, M.D.Harvard Medical UniversityThe Metabolic Consequences of Reactivated Developmental Signals in Obesity
April 29, 2022AACE- Cancelled**  
May 6, 2022Rescheduled for June 3rdBaylor College of Medicine 
May 20, 2022Senior Fellows Research PresentationBaylor College of MedicineTBA
June 3, 2022
Senior Fellows Research PresentationBaylor College of MedicineTBA


* AACE Meeting April 28-May 1, 2022 in Canada

** ENDO Society 2022 - March 20-23

2020-2021 Grand Rounds
DateSpeakerHome InstitutionTitle of Presentation
Sept. 4, 2020Dr. Ashok BalasubramanyamBaylor College of MedicineDriving Atypical Diabetes
Sept. 18, 2020Fellows Research ProposalBaylor College of Medicine

Bone Quality in Obese Women with Type 2 Diabetes

RADIANT:  A Look at Atypical Diabetes

Oct. 9, 2020Fellows Research ProposalBaylor College of Medicine

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Induced Autoimmune Diabetes

Predictors of Glycemic Success in Sensor-Augmented Insulin Pump therapy:

A Retrospective Review of Patients at the Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center

Oct. 30, 2020Dr. Dave D'AlessioDuke UniversityAlpha-Cell to Beta-Cell Communication:  A New Twist on the Incretin Effect
Nov. 13, 2020Dr. Pankaj ShahMayo Clinic HospitalApproach to a patient with non-diabetic hypoglycemia
Dec. 11, 2020Dr. Sara CromerGuest of Dr. MarcelliRacial and Socioeconomic Disparities in the Incidence, Treatment, and Treatment Response in Type 2 Diabetes
Jan. 15, 2021Dr. Silvio InzucchiYale UniversityGlucose-Lowering Medications and CVD: Searching for the Holy Grail
Jan. 29, 2021Dr. Helen Lowler University of Colorado HospitalPost-Bariatric Hypoglycemia
Feb. 12, 2021Dr. Daniel J. DruckerTanenbaum Research Institute,  Mount Sinai HospitalIncretin-based therapies-how do they work?
Feb. 26, 2021Dr. Carlos Bernal-MizrachiWashington UniversityMacrophages under pressure: novel roles in hypertension
March 12, 2021Dr. Sundeep KhoslaUniversity of May Clinic College of MedicineTargeting Cellular Senescence to Treat Age-Related Osteoporosis and Frailty
March 26, 2021Dr. Kirk HabeggerUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamGlucagon Revisited: Glycemic and Energetic Effects of Glucagon Receptor Agonism
April 9, 2021Dr. Susan MandelUniversity of PennsylvaniaThyroid Nodules 2021: What to Do in an Era of Multiple Diagnostic Options
April 16, 2021Dr. Anand VaidyaUniversity of Harvard Medical SchoolPrimary Aldosteronism: Once a Zebra, Now a Horse
April 23, 20212nd-Year Fellow Research Presentation (Dr. Rebecca Jeun & Dr. Sabaa Joab)Baylor College of Medicine

Clinical Outcomes in Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Induced Diabetes Mellitus (RJ)

Hemoglobin A1c of 7% is the Threshold For Bone Impairment in Men With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus". (SJ)

May 14, 20212nd-Year Fellow Research Presentation (Dr. Sara Ahmad & Dr. Nupur Kikani)Baylor College of Medicine

Predictors of Glycemic Success in Insulin Pump Therapy: A Retrospective Review of Patients at the

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center/ i2b2:  A Novel Approach to Patient Recruitment

2020-2019 Grand Rounds
DateSpeakerHome InstitutionTitle of Presentation
Sept. 5, 2019Dr. Mimi HuUniversity of Texas, MD AndersonMedullary Thyroid Carcinoma: Update on Systemic Therapies
Sept. 12, 2019Dr. Constantine StratakisNational Institute of HealthA Clinical and Molecular Update on Cushing Syndrome
Sept. 19, 2019Rescheduled presenter due to weather  
Sept. 26, 2019Dr. Salim ViraniBaylor College of Medicine2018 AHA/ACC Cholesterol Guidelines: From Risk Assessment to Personalization of Risk
Oct. 3, 20192nd-Year Fellows Proposal (Force and La)Baylor College of MedicineA Year in Research at the Baylor Pituitary Center/ A Comparison Between Weight Loss-Associated Bone Loss From Lifestyle Measures Versus Bariatric Surgery
Oct. 10, 2019Dr. Raymon GroganBaylor College of MedicineScarless Endocrine Surgery
Oct. 24, 2019Dr. Susan SamsonBaylor College of MedicinePipeline Therapies for Functional Pituitary Adenomas
Oct. 31, 2019Dr. Samuel Klein Washington University School of MedicineMetabolically Normal and Abnormal Obesity
Nov. 7, 20191st-Year Fellows Case Conference (Abdulhandi and Jeun)Baylor College of MedicineOpioid-Induced Adrenal Insufficiency: An Observational Prospective Study / A Xanthomatous Problem
Nov. 14, 2019Dr. Ramona DaduMD Anderson Cancer CenterImmunotherapy approaches for thyroid cancers 
Dec. 5, 2019Dr. Marie-Claude HofmannMD Anderson Cancer CenterMechanisms of Resistance to Kinase Inhibitors in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
Dec. 12, 2019Dr. James SuliburkBaylor College of MedicineEndocrine Surgical Disease and Precision-Guided Medicine - State of the Art
Jan. 16, 2020Dr. Rajagopal V. SekharBaylor College of MedicineThe impact of correcting Glutathione deficiency in Aging: mitochondria, oxidative stress and beyond
Jan. 30, 2020Dr. Margaret Weirman University of Colorado Anschutz  MedicalUnderstanding Pituitary Tumor genesis Biomarkers of Disease and New Therapeutic Targets
Feb. 13, 2020Dr. Dennis VillarealBaylor College of Medicine / Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center Treatment of Geriatric Obesity
Feb. 27, 2020Dr. Jennifer RaymondKeck School of Medicine of USCYoung Adults Do Care About their Diabetes – We Just Need to Care for them differently.
March 26, 2020Dr. Linus TsaiHarvard UniversityCancelled due to COVID-19
April 30, 2020Dr. Shehz BasariaMD Anderson Cancer CenterCancelled due to COVID-19
May 15, 2020Senior Fellow Presentation (Drs. Betty La and Akhil Shenoy)Baylor College of Medicine

A Comparison Between Weight Loss-Associated Bone Loss from Lifestyle Measures Versus Bariatric Surgery

A Feasibility Pilot Study of a Smartphone-Based Hypoglycemia-Predicting Notification System

May 28, 2020Senior Fellow Presentation (Drs. Bahar Force and Ismaily Mehwish)Baylor College of Medicine

Indications and Outcomes of Trans-sphenoidal Surgery in Patients with Prolactinoma

Opioid-Induced Adrenal Insufficiency