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Department of Pediatrics

Didactic Curriculum for Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine Fellowship


The didactic curriculum includes the topic areas recommended by the ACGME for sports medicine. There are two to three lectures per week that include invited speakers in specialty areas such as dental trauma, special Olympics, geriatric athlete, sports psychology, etc.

Fellows have required lectures to prepare on joint exams (seven) and preseason exam and opportunities to teach on topics of choice (nutrition, adolescent physical activity, etc.)


Sports Medicine Lectures



  • Inter-disciplinary MSK Diagnostic Imaging Rounds with Radiology, Orthopedics, Primary Care Sports Medicine, and Physical therapy- (last Wednesday of the month)
  • Sports nutrition, including basic review - carb/pro/fat and mineral/vitamin/micronutrient
  • Hydration - before, during and after
  • Food record basics and rapid calculations
  • Energy expenditure and caloric needs
  • Fad diets
  • Sports nutrition products - gels, bars, drinks; not so much ergogenics
  • Special sports topics - female athletes, carbo loading
  • Ergogenics and supplements
  • Pediatric issues

The didactic curriculum also includes body composition, including measurement – individual and populations – and pediatric issues.



  • Environmental - heat, altitude, cold, diving; pediatric issues
  • Muscle physiology, including cellular anatomy and applied physiology, neuromuscular aspects, strength versus endurance, and more
  • Physiologic responses to bouts of exercise, including cardiac, vascular and pulmonary
  • V02 max concept, including GXT, use in exercise prescription, application to caloric expenditure and RPE application
  • Central fatigue
  • Pediatric issues

Fellows Conference


Reider's Orthopedic Exam chapters (covered by fellow as discussion/presentation/handout):

  • Chapter 7 - Lower leg, Ankle, and Foot
  • Chapter 6 - Knee
  • Chapter 9 - Low Back
  • Chapter 2 - Shoulder
  • Chapter 5 - Hip and Pelvis
  • Chapter 3 - Elbow and Forearm
  • Chapter 4 - Hand and Wrist

Topics Covered by Primary Teaching Faculty

  • Modalities and Rehabilitation
  • Concussion-Neurology
  • The Female Athlete
  • The Pediatric Athlete
  • Bone, Muscle and Cartilage Injury
  • Asthma/Respiratory
  • Running Injuries and Gait Analysis
  • Special Olympics Athlete
  • Core Strength
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • The Disabled Athlete

Guest Lectures

  • Cardiac - Sudden death - cardiologist perspective
  • Geriatric Athlete
  • Sports Psychology
  • Dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dental
  • Orthotics
  • SI Mechanics

Attending Lectures

  • Acute and Chronic Ankle
  • Acute and Chronic Knee
  • Acute and Chronic Shoulder
  • Acute and Chronic Hip
  • Acute and Chronic Back
  • Acute and Chronic Elbow
  • Acute and Chronic Hand and Wrist
  • Preseason Exam