Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Electives


Resident and Medical Student Electives


Resident and medical student electives in pediatric rheumatology are typically one month in length and have a strong outpatient, team-based clinical care focus. Though inpatient management is also important, the trainee will see patients at Texas Children's Hospital and Ben Taub Hospital.

No more than two residents or students may be on a clinical elective simultaneously. During the elective, primary teaching is done by the attending rheumatologist on service for the month.

  • Develop skills and habits of a meticulous approach to the pediatric history and physical examination, with a concentration on the musculoskeletal examination
  • Understand the clinical presentation, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric rheumatology diseases
  • Develop skills of literature review on pertinent topics
  • Understand the significance and limitations of laboratory studies for rheumatic diseases
  • Demonstrate acumen in developing and evaluating differential diagnoses for children with systemic complaints such as unexplained fever, rash and arthralgia


  • See consults; patients will be assigned to residents during the day by the fellow or attending. Perform initial history and physical examination, review basic texts and literature on the subject and develop a working differential diagnosis
  • Perform daily physical exam and write notes on patients assigned to you. Check results of current laboratory and diagnostic studies on these patients. Confirm that studies obtained at our request are received or performed
  • Participate in rheumatology clinics
  • Present patient information at weekly section rounds
  • Prepare a talk on rheumatic disease in children for presentation to the faculty and staff

Application Information


Interested Baylor College of Medicine pediatric residents should request this clinical elective through the Pediatric House Staff Office, and Baylor medical students should begin the application process in the Student Affairs Office.

Medical students and residents from other institutions may also apply for this elective, and applications at least three months in advance are strongly encouraged. Visiting medical students should contact Donna Moore in the Baylor Office of Student Affairs at (713) 798-4600.


Visiting Residents


Special procedures for visiting residents requesting a clinical elective in pediatric rheumatology are as follows:

Pediatric residents from other institutions have the opportunity to take an elective in pediatric rheumatology at Texas Children’s. This is arranged by contacting the Baylor Graduate Medical Education office at (713) 798-4606 and requesting an application for “visiting house officer rotation.” Residents should also contact the Rheumatology Program Training Director Dr. Maria Perez at (832) 824-3830 to determine if the elective will be available.

If you are currently enrolled in a residency program in Texas and have a postgraduate resident permit (training permit), your permit covers your rotation at Baylor. If you are currently enrolled in a program outside of Texas, you will need to contact the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners and download an application for a postgraduate resident permit. Because this process often takes several weeks, interested residents are encouraged to obtain the necessary documents early. The Office of Graduate Medical Education can assist you in obtaining the other documents necessary to enroll in this rotation.

Note that research electives are also possible, with individually defined objectives; interested trainees should contact Dr. Barry Myones for further information before submitting any requests to the above offices.