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Child Protective Health Clinic

The Child Protective Health Clinic (CPHC) offers specialized medical evaluations for children who may have experienced abuse or neglect.

Child Head Injury Program

The Child Head Injury Program (CHIP) at Texas Children’s Hospital is dedicated to providing long-term follow-up care to children with head injuries. The multidisciplinary clinic includes the expertise of public health, neurology, developmental pediatrics, social work, occupational therapy and physical therapy. The goal is to support patients and families in accessing care, understanding the needs of the child, and in addressing the physical health, mental health and developmental needs of the child.

Foster Care Clinical Services

The Foster Care Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital is dedicated to providing care for children in foster care. Our Foster Care Clinical Services is supported by a pediatrician, clinical program coordinator, nurse practitioners, psychologist, and therapist. We provide comprehensive medical and social assessments, connect families with specialized services and coordinate care with community partners. We have extensive experience in supporting children in foster care with complex medical, social, behavioral and placement histories. We also complete the 72-hour and 30-day medical evaluations that are required after a change in placement.

ARK Clinic

The ARK Clinic is a bridge clinic that supports patients who have been discharged from the hospital.  The goal is to provide additional support in following up with referrals and community resources during the transition to an established primary care provider.

Children’s Advocacy Centers

The Division of Public Health Pediatrics provides medical evaluations at the Children’s Assessment Center in Harris County and at the Brazoria County Alliance for Children to children who have been victims of sexual abuse or assault.

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Public Health Pediatrics Clinical Services
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